Package include

Assembly guide

1. 2.
Screw the left and right pieces
to the hard disks. (A + B + P)
Attach the Cloudshell-2 board
to the hard disks.(K)
3. 4.
Screw cloudshell-2 board
to left/right pieces. (O)
Assemble the FAN and back piece and
place the FAN at the back side.
Use only 3 screws in this step. (E + G + N)
5. 6.
Insert the FAN cable
to the cloudshell-2 board.
If you want to use quiet fan mode,
connect the current limit PCB between
the FAN cable connector and
the Cloudshell-2 board.
7. 8.
Assemble the ODROID-XU4 and
XU4 holder pieces. (J + M + Q + R)
Connect micro B side of USB 3.0 cable
to the Cloudshell-2 board. (H + K)
9. 10.
Connect GPIO ribbon cable
between ODROID-XU4 and
cloudshell-2 board. (F + K)
Connect type A side of USB 3.0 cable
11. 12.
Place the front piece
at the front side. (C)
Cover the top piece on the top. (D)
Put the locker piece and screw it. (I + N)
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