CloudShell 2 Data Recovery Guide

CloudShell2 has four modes. RAID0, RAID1, SPAN, and PM mode.
Please refer this link what it is.

  • This can show us how to recovery from RAID1 to PM without losing your data. but the others you have to rebuild to move on and in this process of it, you will be lost your data.
  • Even if I've done without losing data, I strongly recommend you should backup your data first.

How to check your disk failed

Make sure you did it already ☛ xu4_cloudshell2:enable_lcd_and_fan.
There was no way to check the RAID status before releasing “raid manager for Linux console version” from JMicron.
In this way, we are going to use This External Link by @goonieg.

root permission requared

1. Requared packages curl, sysstat, figlet and mailutils.

root@odroid:~# apt-get install curl sysstat figlet mailutils
While 'mailutils' package installs, you might see the dialog box.
If you don't have an idea about that just set to default.

2. Backup, download and copy

root@odroid:~# mv /bin/cloudshell-lcd /bin/cloudshell-lcd.old
root@odroid:~# wget
root@odroid:~# wget
root@odroid:~# wget
root@odroid:~# mv ./cloudshell-lcd ./checkRAID.bash /bin/
root@odroid:~# mv ./raidmgr_static /usr/bin/

3. Give “execute” permission to the files if they don't have it.

root@odroid:~# chmod 755 /bin/cloudshell-lcd /bin/checkRAID.bash /usr/bin/raidmgr_static

4. Edit e-mail address if you want to receive e-mails.
Edit the file /bin/checkRAID.bash by editor like a vim or a gedit whatever you like it.
Make sure to change the FROMEMAIL and TOEMAIL variables, if you want to receive e-mails.

5. Add crontab
If you want to check every 5 minutes, refer the below.
And you can also change the time how often check the RAID status by changing the parameter in crontab Cron - Wikipedia.

root@odroid:~# crontab -e
*/5 * * * * /bin/checkRAID.bash > /dev/null 2>&1
If you are using the openmediavault, you can add at System - Scheduled jobs

6. Run immediately

root@odroid:~# /bin/checkRAID.bash && systemctl restart cloudshell-lcd

How to recover data

1. Shutdown your cloudShell2 and Unplug the power cord.
2. Change the mode from RAID1 to PM on your cloudShell2 board by using DIP S/W.

3. Pressing the RAID Setup Key first and then plug the power cord it would be processed to boot.
4. Do not release the RAID Setup Key until pass 30 second at least.
5. If your cloudShell2 is boot completely, you can mount the disks each and access your data.

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