XU4 Shifter Shield


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Download Fritzing part for ODROID-XU4 Shifter Shield odroid-xu4-shiftershield.fzpz

TI recommends that this current be limited to values under 1 mA for the TXS0108E. pulldown resistors must be avoided because of decreased VOH levels. If pulldown resistors are necessary they must be limited to values of 50 kΩ or greater. The negative impact of pulldown resistors on VOH levels also demonstrates why the TXS family of translators must only be used to drive high-impedance loads.

Many thanks to user qxtgo who shared this important information in our forum.
Click here for more details about pulldown/pullup resistors of shifter shield

GPIO Map for WiringPi Library

Net Name GPIO & Export No WiringPi GPIO Header Pin Header Pin WiringPi GPIO GPIO & Export No Net Name
3.3V 3.3V 3.3V 1 2 5.0V 5.0V 5.0V
I2C_1.SDA GPB3.2(#209) GPIO_08 3 4 5.0V 5.0V 5.0V
I2C_1.SCL GPB3.3(#210) GPIO_09 5 6 GND GND GND
XE.INT10 GPX1.2(#18) GPIO_07 7 8 GPIO_15(TXD) GPA0.1(#172) UART_0.TXD
GND GND GND 9 10 GPIO_16(RXD) GPA0.0(#171) UART_0.RXD
UART_0.RTS_N GPA0.3(#174) GPIO_00 11 12 GPIO_01(PWM) GPA0.2(#173) UART_0.CTS_N
XE.INT13 GPX1.5(#21) GPIO_02 13 14 GND GND GND
XE.INT14 GPX1.6(#22) GPIO_03 15 16 GPIO_04 GPX1.3(#19) XE.INT11
3.3V 3.3V 3.3V 17 18 GPIO_05 GPX1.7(#23) XE.INT15
SPI_1.MOSI GPA2.7(#192) GPIO_12 19 20 GND GND GND
SPI_1.MISO GPA2.6(#191) GPIO_13 21 22 GPIO_06 GPX2.0(#24) XE.INT16
SPI_1.SCLK GPA2.4(#189) GPIO_14 23 24 GPIO_10 GPA2.5(#190) SPI_1.CSN
GND GND GND 25 26 GPIO_11 GPX2.1(#25) XE.INT17
I2C_5.SDA GPA2.2(#187) GPIO_30 27 28 GPIO_31 GPA2.3(#188) I2C_5.SCL
XE.INT20 GPX2.4(#28) GPIO_21 29 30 GND GND GND
XE.INT22 GPX2.6(#30) GPIO_22 31 32 GPIO_26 GPX2.5(#29) XE.INT21
XE.INT23 GPX2.7(#31) GPIO_23 33 34 GND GND GND
ADC_0.AIN0 AIN0(Max 1,8V) GPIO_25 37 38 GPIO_28 ADC REF OUT(1.8V) ADC REF OUT
GND GND GND 39 40 GPIO_29 AIN3(Max 1.8V) ADC_0.AIN3
  • Net Name I2C_1.SDA/I2C_1.SCL physical I2C Address : 0x12c70000
  • Net Name I2C_5.SDA/I2C_5.SCL physical I2C Address : 0x12cb0000 (hsi2c)
  • Net Name I2C_5.SDA/I2C_5.SCL are not available in XU3

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