M1 SATA mount and cable kit

The SATA mount and cable kit are for docking 2.5“ SSD or HDD to ODROID-M1.

Don't worry if a black bolt and a steel spacer are left when you finish assembling.
They are included one more spare each to the package.

A. Plug SATA power and data cable on the M1.
Remove two black bolts and screw the steel spacer
which is the package included.

B. Using two black bolts to combine the HDD Holder
and an SSD like picture B.

C. Plug the other side of the SATA power and data cable
into the SSD.

D. Attach the HDD holder which is carrying on the SATA
to the M1 and fasten two black bolts.

E. Gently rearrange the cables.

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