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 {{:​accessory:​ocam_5mp.jpg|}} {{:​accessory:​ocam_5mp.jpg|}}
-===== How to use oCam on Odroid C2 with Android ​===== +===== How to use oCam with Ubuntu mate ===== 
-<WRAP round important 60%> +You can use oCam on Ubuntu MateWe recommend using a oCam on the ODROID-XU4. 
-It works on Odroid C2 and Odroid C1.\\ +<code bash target>​ 
-However, in Odroid C1, the recored video'​s color space will be reversed from red to blue+$ sudo apt install guvcview 
-</WRAP>+$ guvcview 
-<WRAP round info 60%> +===== How to use oCam on Odroid with Android ===== 
-This example is based on [[https://github.com/​saki4510t/​UVCCamera/​blob/​master/​README.md#​how-to-compile-library|it]]+<​WRAP ​INFO round 60%> 
 +^          ^ ODROID-C0/C1/C1+                          ^ ODROID-C2  ^ ODROID-XU3/4  ^ ODROID-N2  ^ 
 +^ Picture ​ | Works                                     | Works      | Not support ​  | Works      | 
 +^ Video    | Recorded video'​s color space is reserved ​ | Works      | Not support ​  | Works      ​|
 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
 +You can use oCam on Android by bypass the Android camera Framework HAL.\\
 +To do that, you need to use libuvc, and [[https://​github.com/​saki4510t/​UVCCamera/​wiki|this project]] can help you.\\
 +To install the examples, We recommend to use Android Project. but the Eclipse also be supported.\\
 +Please check this [[https://​github.com/​saki4510t/​UVCCamera/​blob/​master/​README.md#​how-to-compile-library|manual]].\\
 +**It is unofficial.**\\
 +Some apps can works with oCam.
-You can use oCam on Android by bypass the Android camera Framework HAL. +===== Example screenshot & picture ===== 
-To do that, you need to use libuvc+{{:​accessory:​select_ocam.png?​1000|Select the oCam}}\\ 
- +{{:accessory:​libuvc_preview.png?1000|Preview}}\\ 
-In this example, I used [[https://github.com/​saki4510t/​UVCCamera/​wiki|this project]]. +{{:​accessory:​libuvc_testshot(640x480).png?​1000|screenshot}}\\ 
-And using the Android Studio make easy to install the examples+==== 3rd party app screen shot (1080P) ​==== 
-==== Download Project ​==== +{{:accessory:​ocam_testshot(camerafi1).jpg?​1000|CameraFi1}}\\ 
- +{{:​accessory:​ocam_testshot(camerafi2).jpg?​1000|CameraFi2}}\\
-<code bash> +
-$ git clone https://github.com/​saki4510t/​UVCCamera.git +