M1 MIPI-CSI Camera Kit

The M1 MIPI-CSI Camera Kit is the day and night camera.
You can get the best imaging whatever it is in the daytime or at night thanks to the automatically switchable IR-Cut filter.
It's a built-in IR-cut camera, can be used during the day and night.

  1. All-day image - it's built-in IR-cut camera, automatically switches day and night mode for better and clearer image. This can avoid image color cast, which is easier for beginners to use.
  2. MIPI CSI interface - This ODROID-M1 camera module uses the dedicated CSI interface, via the CSI bus, a higher bandwidth Link which carries 5 megapixels data from the camera back to the processor.
  3. 1080P HD Webcam - the IR video Camera is capable of 2592 x 1944 pixel static images, and also supports 1080 P @ 30 FPS, 720 P @ 60 FPS and 640 x480 P 60/90 video Recording, with 5MP Ov5647 1080P webcam sensor.
  1. Embedded Switchable IR-cut filter, eliminating color distortion in the daylight
  2. Comes with infrared LED, supports night vison
  3. 5 megapixel OV5647 sensor
  4. CCD size: 1/4 inch
  5. Aperture(F): 1.8
  6. Focal Length: 3.6 mm (adjustable)
  7. Field of View: 75.7 degrees ( diagonal )
  8. Sensor best Resolution: 1080p
  9. screw holes whiche are used for a fixed position
  10. Power consumption: Idle 10mA@3.3V, Typical 82mA@3.3V, 360~380mA@3.3V two IR lights are on.
  11. Support connecting infrared LED or flash LED
  12. Dimension: 31 mm x 32mm

Infrared cut-off filter for cameras

Cameras typically capture pictures for humans to see, and the images taken should look natural and appealing to human eyes.
However, most camera imagers can see the infrared, while we can’t. To help the imager better see what we see, we need to cut the infrared off.
This is when an IR cut-off filter is used. By employing an IR cut-off filter above the image sensor, the camera will only capture visible light.

Switchable IR-Cut filter: Regular and NoIR cameras combined

The NoIR camera module is an infrared camera module that gives you everything the regular camera module offers, with the only difference being the infrared cut-off filter.
It does not employ an infrared filter, so it can be used with infrared lighting. However, its pictures taken in the daylight will not look natural to our human eyes, usually more reddish.
This is why the switchable IR-cut filter becomes meaningful. It offers you an on-demand control of the IR sensitivity by mechanically switching the IR filter in and out, so it’s like regular and NoIR cameras combined.

Automatic IR-Cut filter control

The majority of switchable IR-cut filters are deployed for surveillance use, which requires the camera to maintain color accuracy throughout the daytime and night vision at night.
We don’t have to tell whether it’s already nighttime, because a light-sensitive trigger would do the work. A photoresistor(CdS) is such a trigger, and it can determine whether
The lighting condition is poor, so the IR illumination should be turned on and the IR filter switched off.

M1 MIPI-CSI Camera Kit day-night vision cameras use photoresistors to automate the IR switching. This is the default option and no extra settings are required.

You can manually control the IR-Cut filter. But to do that, you have to do some hardware works.

First, remove the IR-Cut filter to hardware work. you can unscrew two screws from behind of the OV5647 module.
then please remove the photoresistor and weld a 0ohm resistor. please check the above picture.
After works, please re attach the IR-Cut Filter. it is all of hardware work.

How to control it.

You have to assemble it by yourself with the following items.

  • A. 1 x Switchable IR-cut Camera with 15Cm FFC
  • B. 2 x IR Lights
  • C. 2 x IR Lights heat sink
  • D|E. 1 set x Screws and Nuts for assembling IR Lights
  • F|G. 1 x Acrylic Holder
  • H|I|J. 1 set x Screws, Nuts, and Spacers for standing up the camera on the holder.

Caution : Make sure your ODROID-M1 unplugging power while installing & removing the OV5647 MIPI Camera from the ODROID.
If you install and remove the camera until ODROID-M1 on, you can fry your OV5647 MIPI Camera.

Connect your OV5647 MIPI Camera to the CSI port on the ODROID.

  1. Carefully lift the collar on top of the CSI port. the collar is a bit fragile, So please be careful not to damage it.
  2. Slide the ribbon cable of the camera into the CSI port with blue side facing the Ethernet or HDMI port.
    Make sure your cable slide in correct. if the cable is not fit into the port, you can fry your camera.
  3. After cable is seated in the port, press the collar back down to lock the cable.
cam_mipi_bad.jpeg cam_mipi_good.jpeg
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