ATmega328 is the main brain which can parse the stream from UART to show the data on the TFT-LCD.
The UART is connected to the host PC or ODROID via CP2104 which converts the UART to USB interface.
The CP2104 also has 3.45V voltage regulator to supply the power for LCD too.
With the on-chip regulator we could simplify the board design.




MCUATmega328P at 16Mhz
LCD2.2“ 240×320 TFT-LCD (SPI 8MHz interface)
Host interfaceUSB to UART via on-board CP2104
Input Voltage3.7 ~ 5.5 Volt
Power consumption60mA @ 5Volt
MCU/LCD Voltage3.45 V from CP2104 on-chip voltage regulator
Serial Port SettingsBaud rate:500,000 bps (0.5Mbps)
Stop bits : 8-N-1
No H/W, S/W Flow Control
Battery Charging No Charge the battery to 500mA

Diagrams & Physical Dimensions

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