This guide is tested on Ubuntu 16.04(ARM and x86)

$ sudo apt-get install git
$ mkdir ~/work
$ cd ~/work
$ git clone

Launch Ubuntu Software Center, search for “arduino”, and install it

Open “show_main.ino” sketch file in this path.

You MUST locate sketchbook path to ODROID-SHOW directory. (File → Preference)

You need to add the ODROID-SHOW libraries in the IDE through the menu skech → import Library… → Add Library…

The following way, add ODROID-SHOW folder. (sketchbook folder)

Check the serial port between /dev/ttyUSBn and “tools → Serial Port” of arduino IDE.

$ ls /dev/ttyUSB*

Finally after connecting the jumper, click “upload” button of arduino IDE.

The DTR reset jumper MUST be installed when you upload the firmware.
The DTR reset jumper must NOT be installed in normal usage mode.


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