The ODROID-Vu8M is dedicated to ODROID-M1. It can only be used via a MIPI DSI Connector(J1) on M1.
It has a 8inch multi-touch screen.
The U Blacket PCB is required to dock Vu8 to ODROID-M1.

  • 8-inch TFT-LCD
  • 800(H) x 3(RGB) x 1280(V) pixels hardware resolution
  • Mechanical Dimensions : 198(W) x 133.0(H)
  • Viewable screen size : 172.224 x 107.64 mm (active area)
  • 5 finger capacitive touch input
  • Power consumption : 2.4W ± 10% (100% duty cycle)

A. Assembled 8inch TFT LCD + multi touch screen * 1EA
B. M3*40(BLACK) Support * 3EA with overplus
C. PM3.0x7(BLACK) BOLT * 11EA with overplus
D. 60mm FPCB Cable * 2EA
F. LCD Blacket Board for M1 * 1EA
G. U form Blacket Board for M1 * 2EA

Please take special care when assemble it.

1. 2.
Mount the two U Form Blacket boards on the back of the M1.
Two PM3.0x7 bolts are fastened to the two U Form Blacket boards on the M1, respectively.
Mount the U Form Blacket board with the M1 on the back of the 8“ LCD module.
Fix it with 4 x PM3.0x7 bolts.
3. 4.
Plug and fix the 31pin 60mm FPCB cable of MIPI CONVERTER on the ODROID-M1
The LCD and Touch signals goes to the converter board via this FPCB.
You will need to carefully undo the clamp before inserting the cable.
Make sure to press the clamp in to secure the ribbon in place.
Check the two 31pin and 6pin FPCB cables connection.
LCD : 31pin / 60mm
Touch screen : 6pin / 3.5mm
Mount the M3*40 Support and PM3.0x7 BOLT to the bottom of the U form Blacket Board
the angle of Vu8M can be adjusted up to 70 degrees.
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