Vu8S 8inch MIPI LCD for M1S

The four-lane MIPI-DSI port can be directly connected to a LCD panel.
A 8inch 800×1280 wide viewing angle LCD and capacitive multi-touch screen is pre-assembled.
The ODROID-Vu8S is dedicated to ODROID-M1S. It can only be used via a MIPI DSI Connector(J7) on M1S.
The I type Bracket boards are required to dock Vu8S to assembled ODROID-M1S with case.

If you activate the MIPI-DSI interface, the HDMI output function will be disabled automatically.
This is because HDMI and MIPI-DSI can NOT be used simultaneously due to system memory bandwidth limitations.
  • 8-inch TFT-LCD
  • Portrait 800(H) x 1280(V) pixels hardware native resolution
  • Mechanical Dimensions : 202(W) x 153.0(H)
  • Viewable screen size : 172.224 x 107.64 mm (active area)
  • 5 finger capacitive touch input
  • Power consumption : 2.4W ± 10% (100% duty cycle)

A. Assembled 8inch TFT LCD + multi touch screen * 1EA
B. M3 x 40(BLACK) Support * 3EA including a spare part
C. M3 x 7(BLACK) Bolt * 7EA including a spare part
D. M3 x 5(SILVER) Bolt* 5EA including a spare part
E. Vu8S LCD Frame Board for M1S * 1EA
F. Vu8S I-Form Bracket Board for M1S * 2EA

Please take special care when assemble it.

1.jpg Mount the two I-Form bracket boards with a top-printed top facing up to the rear side of Vu8S.
Place the FPC ribbon cable on the top of the I-Form bracket board.
Two PM3.0x5 Silver bolts are fastened to the two I-Form bracket boards on the rear side of the Vu8S
2.jpg Mount the M1S built-in assembled case to the I-Form bracket board.
Fix it with four PM3.0x7 black bolts.
3.jpg Plug and fix the 30pin FPC ribbon cable of Vu8S into the ODROID-M1S MIPI-DSI connector.
You will need to carefully open the clamp of the MIPI-DSI connector before inserting the cable.
Make sure to close the clamp after securely inserting the ribbon cable.
Mount two M3 x 40 Supports and PM3.0x7 black bolts to the LCD frame board.

This GIF clip Credit : Forum user @istanbulls

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