How to Install the BLUE heatsink on ODROID-XU4.

If you use this BLUE heatsink, you will meet more frequent thermal throttling than the stock active fan cooler. If you want to keep running heavy computing loads constantly, lower the CPU Max clock to 1.4GHz to avoid the thermal throttling.

Prepare below items

- A 40x40x25mm Blue Heatsink and thermal paste Where to buy
- Alcohol
- Lint-free towels or wipes
- Long-nose-pliers or tweezers

Use a long-nose plier or a tweezer. One way to remove the heatsink is to use a retractable ballpoint pen. Remove the ink portion of the pen and then use the hole on the writing end of the pen to push the retaining clips through the holes on the XU4. Once they snap through, carefully rotate them from the other side while pulling on them, and they should come free.
Next, disconnect the power from the fan. Lastly, slowly pull the heatsink and fan away from the XU4. It will take some force as the thermal interface is adhesive. We normally rock the heatsink back and forth while pulling on it.

Remove the old thermal paste on the CPU / PCB (if exists) and the surface of the heatsink carefully.
Thermal paste is responsible for conducting heat from the processor to the heat sink. Reassembling without applying thermal paste will cause the processor to overheat. Apply the alcohol on a lint-free towels and use it to clean the the surface of CPU and the blue heatsink.

Apply a small amount of thermal paste onto the CPU surface and smear the paste evenly across the surface.

Make sure to cover the entire surface that will mate to the cooler.

Do not need to apply the thermal paste on the heatsink.

This heatsink is tall and you need to cut the case off to fit it into the official case.
Be careful while cutting off the case. The case is made by strong & durable polycarbonate plastic
Drawing lines on the case with a pen will ease cutting.

Note that, newer XU4 cases are compatible with the tall heatsink.

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