Barrel to Type-C DCDC board for M1S

  • Barrel to Type-C adapter board
  • Input 8~17Volt, Output 5V/3A
  • Compatible with ODROID-M1S
  • It has a wide input voltage range, which greatly helps in integrating the ODROID-M1S into the system and power supply.

When making 3D printers, robots, control systems, automation devices, and digital signage, the power system can be configured relatively simply.

  • Recommended DC Plug
    • Outer diameter : 5.5mm
    • Inner diameter : 2.1mm
  • Carefully check the DC plug polarity and voltage
    • Inner : Positive (+)
    • Outer : Ground (GND)

  • Before connecting the adapter to the ODROID-M1S, measure the input and output voltage with a DMM(Digital Multi Meter)
  • Set the DMM to voltage measurement mode and touch the black probe to the GND pad and the red probe to the input pad A to ensure they are in the 8 to 17 volt range.
  • Then, touch the red probe to output pad B and check if it is around 5.2V.
  • It uses TI's synchronous buck converter TPS54821 to maintain a stable 5V/3A output. It is expected that up to 5A output will be possible in the real world.
  • The USB standard voltage is 5.0Volt, but considering the output voltage drop, it was set to about 5.2Volt.
  • Please refer to the link below for detailed technical specifications of the DCDC converter IC.

Connect the Type-C plug to ODROID-M1S and connect a 8V~17V power source to the barrel jack.

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