SMART POWER2 has designed output DC from 4V to 5.3V with 100mV step.
But if you have a good soldering skill, it can change to DC 12V or another output.

The key is the resistor R30 near by U5(step-down converter IC/MP8762) to change output voltage.
Please refer its datasheet that lead to how calculated the value of resistor.

Let's replace the resistor R30 from 26.1K to 91K, if you are familiar with soldering.
Its resistor size is 1005 in Metric or 0402 in Imperial that most people who have not experienced could be too small to do soldering.
After changing the resistor, turn on and connect to your smart power2 to access web UI and then apply the voltage what you want.
It has a range from about 11.8V to 12.9V.

☛ It needs to edit the code to see the whole output voltage on the web(see web UI picture below).:-(