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 |27|I2CB.SDA|76|207| |27|I2CB.SDA|76|207|
 |28|I2CB.SCL|77|208| |28|I2CB.SCL|77|208|
-====== Settings I2C ======+ 
 +===== Settings I2C ===== 
 +<WRAP round tip 60%> 
 +This guide is tested on Ubuntu 16.04(kernel C1-3.10.104,​ C2-3.14.79). 
 Add I2C module Add I2C module
-<code target>+<​code ​bash target>
 $ sudo modprobe aml_i2c $ sudo modprobe aml_i2c
 $ ls /dev/i2c-* $ ls /dev/i2c-*
Line 22: Line 26:
 To always load the kernel module on boot up, run the following command. To always load the kernel module on boot up, run the following command.
-<code target>+<​code ​bash target>
 $ echo "​aml_i2c"​ | sudo tee -a /​etc/​modules $ echo "​aml_i2c"​ | sudo tee -a /​etc/​modules
 </​code>​ </​code>​
-====== Download & Run ====== +===== Download & Run ===== 
-<code target>+<​code ​bash target>
 $ sudo apt-get install git $ sudo apt-get install git
 $ git clone https://​github.com/​hardkernel/​WEATHER-BOARD.git $ git clone https://​github.com/​hardkernel/​WEATHER-BOARD.git
Line 34: Line 38:
 </​code>​ </​code>​
 Check your I2C node, and run the program. Check your I2C node, and run the program.
-<code target>+<​code ​bash target>
 $ sudo ./​weather_board $ sudo ./​weather_board
 </​code>​ </​code>​
 or or
-<code target>+<​code ​bash target>
 $ sudo ./​weather_board /dev/i2c-2 $ sudo ./​weather_board /dev/i2c-2
 </​code>​ </​code>​