'ODROID-N2' on this page refers to the ODROID-N2 series (N2, N2+, N2L).

Android Things with Book Barcode Scanner and Thermal Printer

target board Device Tree Overlay config file path
ODROID-N2/C4 /odm/env.ini
ODROID-M1 /fat/config.ini

the “overlays” options must contain this values.

Pin Number Name Usage
1 3.3V Barcode Power
9 GND Barcode Ground
8 UART TX Barcode Serial RX
10 UART RX Barcode Serial TX
16 GPIO Barcode Reset / Wake-up
18 GPIO Barcode Trigger engine decoding
USB USB Thermal printer usb port

Create the Project

  1. Start Android Studio & Select “Get from VCS”
  2. Insert the repository url “” and clone it.

Building && Uploading

  1. Select the BarcodeScanner from Run Configurations menu.

  2. Connect otg cable to the ODROID Board.
  3. Select a target board and run.
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