LED Strip Control by Boblight on the Android

It based on the KODI Addon boblight.
It just work with .vob video files.

Using SPI pin is need to set Device tree overlay feature. please check here and set the 'spi0'.

Tested devices.

  • ODROID-N2,N2+,C4 and M1
  • KODI 20.1 (Nexus)
  • WS2801

The ambient light function makes the video viewing experience more fantastic. but it is hard to use this feature.
So we found a way to use it. And now we introduce easy way to use ambient light, the boblight. boblight project provide many ways to control the light source.
In this case, the boblight service control the LED Strip. and kodi's boblight add-on streams the video source. As we mentioned, there are some limitation, but we hope you enjoy it.
Let's try it and have a nice ambient light experience!

Please check your hardware states. LED Strip must be connected to the ODROID Board to control it.
And, it is strongly recommended to use a different power source for LED Strip.
If you are using the ODROID board as power source, your board can be fried.
Carefully check the power source budget based on the number of LEDs in your LED string !

This is example diagram & connection picture.
Hardware SPI data output(Pin 19) and SPI clock output(Pin 23) pins are used for the LED strip controls.

  1. Please prepare the media like eMMC or SD Card. we recommend the eMMC. On the media, latest Android should be installed or be updated.
  2. Install the kodi application. you can download it from the here, or Google Play.
  3. After install the kodi, let's install the 'kodi boblight' add-on. you can find it from service category.
  4. Now let's turn on the boblight service to control the LED Strip. you can do it from the ODROID Settings.\\find the 'Ambient Light' menu and turn on the Boblight ON option.
  5. last thing is left. please reboot your ODROID Board.

If you follow correct way, you can see it after start the kodi.

However, you are not ready to see ambient light. You need to set up your LED strip configuration.

  1. First, let check your LED Strip environment. Count your LED Strip's number. Top, bottom, left and right. It is need to from configure file.
  2. Let's create LED Strip config file. we provide base example from the boblight source code. here. But you can also create it from the boblight config generator.
    you may need to check your generated config file.
  3. And, put this file to the odroid board. and you have to make this file path be recognized by the boblight service. open the ODROID Settings and find the 'Ambient Light' menu. select the 'Boblight LED Config Target' and write the config file's path.
  4. the configuration file will be applied after reboot.

Please check LED Strip order and color value order. I recommend to use static background to check it. you can check correct color settings.

On the Kodi, Settings → Add-ons → My add-ons → Services → Kodi Boblight → Configure → Other → On the Static background light and change color options.

  1. First set all zero except Red. and select OK. you may see the red color. if not, please change color value in the led config file.
    name red
    rgb 0000FF
    name green
    rgb 00FF00
    name blue
    rgb FF0000
  2. And, repeat again with Green and Blue color.
  3. Finally, set off the Static background light option.
  4. then, color correction is finished.
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