'ODROID-N2' on this page refers to the ODROID-N2 series (N2, N2+, N2L).

The H.265(HEVC) codec is supported only 4Gb RAM model.
If you set HEVC your 2Gb RAM N2 model, It has a plobme for playback.

The ODROID-C4/N2 support the H.265(HEVC) and H.264(AVC) codec Encoder.
And you can select the codec for video capturing by Camera on the Android.
Also you can customize your own settings to capture Camera's video & audio codecs.

Please following the commands on the ODROID-C4/N2 board.

$ cd /odm
$ vi default.prop

And change the configuration xml file name of media.settings.xml.

Default Setting


Codec Selection table

Video codec / Audio codec path
H.264(AVC)/ACC /vendor/etc/media_profiles_V1_0_h264.xml
H.265(HEVC)/ACC /vendor/etc/media_profiles_V1_0_hevc.xml
H.264(AVC)/ARMWB /system/etc/media_profiles_V1_0.xml

If you have ODROID-N2/N2+ with 4Gbyte RAM, Edit /odm/env.ini

$ cd /odm
$ vi env.ini
overlays="i2c0 i2c1 spi0 uart0 pwm_cd pwm_ef codec_mm_cma"  

You can customize codec selection configuration by edit the media_profiles.xml.
Some of codecs are encoded by hardware encoder, but most of codecs are encoded by software encoder.
Please check it and make your own settings.
And please check /system/etc/media_profiles_V1_0.xml as a reference.

Default supported containers are 3gp and mp4.

Video Codec Support List

Name H/W Encoder
H.263 X
H.264(AVC) O
H.265(HEVC) O

Audio Codecs Support List


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