This is a simple candidate for using USB camera as CCTV with ODROID-C4/N2/N2L.

this project is based on the CameraX API example. Especially based on the CameraXVideo.

You can find the source code on here here

We recommend to use ODROID-CCTV with the H264-CCTV or H265-CCTV encoder configuration. the configurations are designed for it.

the configurations provide more increased storage limits to you by reduce recording bitrate.

You can select it on the ODROID Settings > Video Encoder Menus.

Your selection will be applied after rebooting.

  • ODROID-C4/N2/N2L
  • USB Camera that support 480p/720p/1080p
  • Big storage media like SD Card or SSD (recommended above 64GB. when h265-cctv configuration, the recording per day occupies 40GB.)
  • Latest Android (Above version.2023031x)
  1. You can select target media to save recording video. when you select media, /<selected media root>/DCIM/cctv directory tree is generated and file will be saved here. please click top left text.
  2. Select target resolution. the camera supporting is based.
    1. 1080p
    2. 720p
    3. 480p
  3. Recording, pause, resume and stop
    1. Basically, after start recording it continues until you click stop button. and recored video is separated by 1GB.
    2. You can pause recording and also resume it.
  4. Recording mode - we support rolling recording and just stop recording. you can select it by check “rolling save”.
    1. Rolling recording - Recording video infinitely. when storage left under 1GB, Remove oldest video.
    2. Just Stop - When Storage left under 1GB, just stop Recording.

  • eMMC 8GB with Android version.2023030x
  • SSD 240GB with USB3.0 to SATA Bridge Board Plus
Test recording was based on h.265 cctv configuration and 1080p resolution until 5 days continuously and it was worked well.
and it was just over 200GB.
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