C1+ PCB Rev 0.4 2015/09/30 has a new jumper J8.

Remove the Jumper on J8 if you don't use the USB OTG port as a power input
It will reduce the power consumption and heat significantly.

Remove the J8 jumper to make a stable access to the device mode (Gadget driver or ADB/Fastboot interface).

If you remove the J8 Jumper, the power path from the micro-USB port is disabled.

If your C1+ PCB is previous version, you need to desolder the R94 as described in this link.


Caution : Over-Voltage Protection feature

1. The power source must be connected to the DC-Jack.
Micro-USB-OTG and other 5Volt rails have not the protection feature.

2. Micro-USB power path Jumper(J8) must be removed to enable the Over-Voltage Protection.

3. Maximum over-voltage must be lower than 16Volt.

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