Google Play installation Guide

Odroid must be connected to the Internet.
If you have Odroid with OTG, you can send Google Play to the Odroid using an OTG cable.
Link to purchase a cable :
Link to purchase a WiFi-module :

Watch this video to install Google Play

Here are some important screen shots and instructions from the video:

Open the browser on ODROID-C2 and go to opengapps.

Download opengapps for Android 6.0.

We recommend using pico version, but ODROID-C2 also supports micro and nano versions.

Please wait for download to complete!! Otherwise, the opengapps file could be corrupted!

Go to ODROID Utility

Click on “i” on top right hand corner

Select “Package install from storage”

Select File Manager, Download

Select “open_gapps….zip” file

Proceed to update

Watch this video to login to your Google account and open Google Play!

Here are some screen shots from the video:

You now have Google Play!

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