Enable the OTG device function on ODROID-C2

Micro USB Power

Remove the Jumper on J1 if you don't use the USB OTG port as a power input
It will reduce the power consumption and heat significantly.

ODROID-C2 power can be provided through USB OTG port instead of DC jack by connecting jumper J1.

Since ODROID-C2 can consume current more than 0.8Amp by itself while playing a video file or with some peripherals - keyboard/mouse/WiFi dongle - are attached to USB port, we strongly recommend to use 5V USB charger with minimal 1.5Amp+ can be supplied. Please note that still DC jack works with the same specification of ODROID-C2 apart from USB OTG for power supplying.

If there is a USB device attached on USB host connector and consumes power a lot, the board might not be booted because the CPU can not be provided enough current. In order to prevent boot failure in such case, especially a USB device consumes a current more than 1A, we strongly recommend to keep providing power through DC jack.

Caution : Over-Voltage Protection feature

1. The power source must be connected to the DC-Jack.
Micro-USB-OTG and other 5Volt rails have not the protection feature.

2. Micro-USB power path Jumper(J1) must be removed to enable the Over-Voltage Protection even you use the DC-Jack.

3. Maximum over-voltage must be lower than 16Volt.

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