The ODROID-C2 is esteemed to be the most powerful low-cost single board computer available, as well as being an extremely versatile device. Featuring a quad-core Amlogic processor, advanced Mali GPU, and Gigabit Ethernet, it can function as a home theater set-top box, a general purpose computer for web browsing, gaming and socializing, a compact tool for college or office work, a prototyping device for hardware tinkering, a controller for home automation, a workstation for software development, and much more.

Some of the modern operating systems that run on the ODROID-C2 are Ubuntu, Android, Fedora, ARCHLinux, Debian, and OpenELEC, with thousands of free open-source software packages available. The ODROID-C2 is an ARM device – the most widely used architecture for mobile devices and embedded 64-bit computing. The ARM processor’s small size, reduced complexity and low power consumption makes it very suitable for miniaturized devices such as wearables and embedded controllers.

It can run Ubuntu, Android 5.1*, and other Linux OS distributions.

Download USER MANUAL for your ODROID-C2 C2 User Manual

ODROID-C2 targets to be an affordable, small and flexible computer for daily life.
Built with ARM 64bit Cortex-A53 Quad-core CPU and Mali450MP3 GPUs, and open source software, ODROID-C2 can serve as a platform to make lots of applications for different purposes.

Application Note

  • Examples for use

Please read **THIS** once before you start to download and flashing S/W release on your ODROID device.

Trouble Shooting

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