Common Question about the boot.ini on the Android

The default boot.ini path on the Android.

/storage/internal/boot.ini /internal/boot.ini
ORDOID-XU4 ~ Android 4.4.4 (v6.1) Android 4.4.4 (v6.2) ~
ODROID-C0/1+ ~ Android 4.4.4 (v3.9) Android 4.4.4 (v4.0) ~
ODROID-C2 ~ Android Marshmallow (v3.9) Android Marshmallow (v4.0) ~
/odm/boot.ini /odm/boot.ini & /odm/env.ini
ODROID-N2 Android 9.0.0 (20190321) ~ Android 9.0.0 (20200413)
ODROID-N2L Android 9.0.0 (202211??) ~ Android 9.0.0 (202211??)
ODROID-C4 Android 9.0.0 (202004XX) ~

Above path is on the ODROID. On the host PC, boot.ini and env.ini path are maybe /media/<user_ide>/VFAT/boot.ini in the ubuntu.

1. After install the self-install image by etcher, can I see a boot.ini file on eMMC or SD card that is connected to the host PC?

  • No, you have to do normal booting the android at least one time. At first booting, self-install image make partitions, boot.ini files and etc.

2. Else, after normal self install procedure, can I see the boot.ini file on the host PC?

  • Yes. you can see the boot.ini file after the self-install procedure.

3. Or, After running the ODROID-UTILITY / ODROID-Settings (N2/N2L/C4 only) App and modify some configurations, the boot.ini file is generated?

  • Sometimes, partition has the boot.ini and env.ini (N2/N2L/C4 only) file can be corrupted. So you can check by running the ODROID-Utility or ODROID-Settings App. when the partition is corrupted, please format the partition by using the settings's storage feature or by PC. and the boot.ini and env.ini (N2/N2L/C4 only) file will be made automatically.
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