During booting, the operation of loading LIRC modules fails frequently, so you can see IR operation doesn't work.

Under this situation, the following message comes and there is no input event from IR.

$ irw
connect: Connection refused

It seems lirc is stpped by systemd caused by an unknown reason and it causes abnormal termination of lirc process.

We are trying to fix it and you can use one of the following workarounds until we've done it.

Workaround (1)

Add sleep count at the following point.

load_modules() of /etc/init.d/lirc

modprobe $mod 2> /dev/null || MODULES_MISSING=true**
sleep 1
$ vi /etc/init.d/lirc
load_modules ()
        log_daemon_msg "Loading LIRC modules"
        for mod in $*; do
                if [ $mod = "udev" ]; then
                        log_end_msg 0
                        log_success_msg "Restarted via udev, don't reload modules"
                        modprobe $mod 2> /dev/null || MODULES_MISSING=true
                        sleep 1
        log_end_msg $?
        if $MODULES_MISSING; then
                log_failure_msg "Unable to load LIRC kernel modules. Verify your"
                log_failure_msg "selected kernel modules in /etc/lirc/hardware.conf"

Workaround (2)

Restart lirc service after booting makes LIRC normal.

root@odroid64:/home/odroid# irw
connect: Connection refused
root@odroid64:/home/odroid# service lirc restart
root@odroid64:/home/odroid# irw
000000004db2738c 00 KEY_ENTER lircd.conf
000000004db29966 01 KEY_LEFT lircd.conf
000000004db2837c 01 KEY_RIGHT lircd.conf

You can add auto start daemon as following.

- auto execution "service lirc restart"
odroid@odroid64:~$ su
root@odroid64:/home/odroid# cd /etc/init.d
root@odroid64:/etc/init.d# vi restartlirc
service lirc restart
root@odroid64:/etc/init.d# chmod 755 restartlirc
root@odroid64:/etc/init.d# cd ../rcS.d
root@odroid64:/etc/rcS.d# ln -s ../init.d/restartlirc S90restartlirc
root@odroid64:/etc/rcS.d# reboot