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 {{:​odroid-c4:​application_note:​external_connector:​c4_spdif_out.jpg?​1520|}}\\ {{:​odroid-c4:​application_note:​external_connector:​c4_spdif_out.jpg?​1520|}}\\
 You can add S/PDIF connector to ODROID-C4 easily.\\ You can add S/PDIF connector to ODROID-C4 easily.\\
-It works also on Android.+It works also on Android ​by default.
 ===== Connection Diagram ===== ===== Connection Diagram =====
 {{:​odroid-c2:​hardware:​spdif_c2.png|}}\\ {{:​odroid-c2:​hardware:​spdif_c2.png|}}\\
 PLT133-T10W 's frequency range - 0 - 16Mbps PLT133-T10W 's frequency range - 0 - 16Mbps