VL817 USB Hub Firmware update

Rivision Code Description
B0 Jan. 2020. Adopted ODROID-C4 1st mass production
C0 Feb. 2022. Partially and sequentially be changed from B0 to C0 in the ODROID-C4.
This revision purpose of the change is to update the hub silicon to reflect the latest ECN updates in the USB-IF Compliance Program and testing methods thereof since B0 was released in Feb. 2017.
This document guide how to update VL817 USB-hub chip on the ODROID-C4.
It needs root permission and libusb library.

Input usb-devices command on the shell prompt.
The image below show us VL817 USB-Hub Revision of firmware is 00.50.

# usb-devices

Step 0. Check your revision code of the VL817(U8) on the PCB.
U8(VL817) has been placed on the top side of the PCB between USB3.0 Ports and the heatsink.
You can be confirmed the revision code on the red circle ( B0 revision code in the yellow rectangle right and bottom in the picture )

Download it if you have the revision code B0vl817_c4_rev.9033.tgz
Download it if you have the revision code C0vl817_c4_c0_rev.9013.tgz

Step 1. Untar it with xzf options under your ODROID and then change file mode bits to have execute permission for root if it hasn't.

In the code below, we assumed the revision code “B0” case and show.
If you had “C0” of it, you can see VL817_C0_LowPower_U1U2_Q7_9013.bin” instead of “VL817_Q7_9033.bin”.
root@odroid:~/VL817_Update# ls -l
total 44
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 42965 Mar  9 05:17 VL817_C4_rev.9033.tgz
root@odroid:~/VL817_Update# tar xzf VL817_C4_rev.9033.tgz
root@odroid:~/VL817_Update# ls -l
total 172
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 42965 Mar  9 05:17 VL817_C4_rev.9033.tgz
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 34416 Mar  9 03:19 VL817_Q7_9033.bin
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 94040 Mar  9 03:19 upgrade_hub_arm64
root@odroid:~/VL817_Update# chmod 755 ./upgrade_hub_arm64

Step 2. Update firmware by excute below command.

./upgrade_hub_arm64 -vid=2109 -pid=0817 -script="./VL817_Q7_9033.bin"

* Cold-boot (Power cycling ODROID-C4) is required after firmware update.

Step 3. Check Hub firmware version again using command usb-devices.

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