Auto Start Of System When Power Applied

You can set how H2 does when power applied.
Thanks to this configuration, you can make it keeps in online even if it turns off unexpectedly when you're not at home.

This option is located at
Chipset → South Cluster Configuration → Miscellaneous Configuration → State After G3

G3 (G3 State) means the Mechanical Off, which is one of the ACPI power states.

There're three options you can select.

  • S0 State: System will boot directly as soon as power applied.
  • S5 State: System keeps in power-off state until the power button is pressed.
  • Last State: System memories its last state. If the system turns off normally, it keeps in power-off state. If not, the system will boot as soon as power applied.

So if you select S0 State, it makes your H2 will auto-start whenever AC power is on.

If you want to know further information about the power states, please refer to the references.

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