Pulse-Eight NUC CEC Adapter with H2+

  • CEC feature is only working with H2+ which has a 24-pin expansion header.

In H2+, you can use the HDMI-CEC feature using Pulse-Eight NUC HDMI-CEC adapter.

H2+ has 4 more pins than H2 on its expansion pin header. Those 4 pins are CEC, USB DP/DN, 5V detect pin.

Here's the new expansion pin information: https://wiki.odroid.com/odroid-h2/hardware/io_expansion_gpio#tab__h2

You can check out the difference between those two.

There's a CEC adapter on the Internet sold by Pulse-Eight for Intel NUC devices already. Fortunately, you can use that adapter, too, because you're using Gemini Lake CPU as the same with Intel NUC uses.

Here's the Pulse-Eight NUC CEC adapter product page: https://www.pulse-eight.com/p/154/intel-nuc-hdmi-cec-adapter

You can buy yours on that product page.

As H2+ has its expansion pin header which has the CEC related pins unlike the Intel NUC PC, you can't install the adapter to H2+ out of the box.

Probably you can rework the original connection cable involved in the product box. So you have to rework the connection cable to connect them to the expansion header.

This is my work. I cut the all cables off and soldered them with a jumper cable. Check them, before and after.

Then check this table shows the pin map from the adapter to H2+. Please see each product's document to check the pin location.

Pin Name ODROID-H2+ Pulse-Eight NUC CEC adapter
GND 1, 6, 11, 16, 19 (select one) 4
5V Detect 24 5
USB D+ 21 6
Pwr Button 17 7
USB D- 23 8
5V Standby 2 9
CEC 22 10

I connected like the photo below.

  • On the product page, this adapter compatibles with not only Windows but also Linux and macOS. But we're going to using the Windows system only in this guide.

When you turn on your H2+, Windows detects the connected CEC adapter and will install the proper driver automatically.

But with the default driver, you cannot use all the remote keys except the power button. So have to install the Pulse-Eight driver in the next chapter.

Before going ahead, it is highly recommended to change the power button behavior to enter the hibernate state.

Download the driver package from the Pulse-Eight website. Here's the direct download link: https://www.pulse-eight.com/Download/Get/52

Then simply install that file.

  • During the installation process, you might be notified that you have to install the EventGhost and some frameworks. These programs are necessary to make the CEC program working properly.

After the installation, you can find the CEC-Tray program in your program list.

Execute that program then the window shows up as the following screenshots.

Here are more screenshots about the program.

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