How to control the PWM Fan on ODROID-H2

To use the PWM fan on ODROID-H2, the BIOS version should be v1.02 or higher. ODROID-H2 BIOS release

First of all, you should enter the BIOS to enable the ODROID-H2's Fan.

Enter the BIOS

1. Power off your ODROID-H2.
2. Press the Power button on your ODROID-H2, then Press “DEL” key while booting.
3. You can see the pic as follow.

Move to "Advanced->Thermal" Menu

Enable the System Fan

Modify the temperatures and RPM to you want

The maximum RPM of Hardkernel official PWM Fan is 2000.

Save & exit the BIOS

Move to the Save & Exit tab. And then, select the “Save Changes and Exit” menu.