ODROID-H2 RAM Compatibility List

We're testing in order to know which RAM modules work well on our ODROID-H2.

We have been checked 2 factors for that.
One is that whether it recognized or not and the other is that how transcoding performance with VAAPI H/W acceleration is fast.

Manufacturer, GB Channel Type Transcoding Rate (4K HEVC 10Bits to 720p H264)
Original Play Speed 1.00
Samsung 4 + 8 Single 3.07
Samsung 4 + 16 Single 3.08
Samsung 8 + 16 Single 3.21
KLEVV 4 + Samsung 4 Dual 3.51
Samsung 4 Single 2.72
KLEVV 4 Single 3.12
Samsung 4 + 4 Dual 3.52
KLEVV 4 + 4 Dual 3.67
Samsung 8 + 8 Dual 3.62
Samsung 16 + 16 Dual 3.68

The results give us a few noticeable big factors.

Transcoding rate means encoding speed. If the rate is 3.00, it encodes the video 3 times faster than the original play speed 1.
So, if the rate is 0.90, it will cause buffering when playing to prepare encoded screens.

Dual Channel Is Faster Than Single Channel

It was around 15% faster when we configured dual channel memory than single channel.
Even if you have 24 GB memory configured with a 8GB RAM and 16 GB RAM, it is about 10 percent slower than dual 4GB RAMs.
So if you want to have faster VAAPI machine, you should install with 2 memories of the same capacity for the sake of dual channel.

And as you can see, VAAPI is getting faster with more RAM capacity.
Dual 16GB is about 5 percent faster than Dual 4GB on transcoding. This could too little but it still a factor.

But the other benchmarks that have nothing to do with GPU/VAAPI, there would not be noticeable performance improvements of dual channel.
For example, Wii emulation performance on dual channel configuration didn't show any noticeable performance difference against single channel.

Manufacturer (Brand) Capacity (GB) Module Grade Part No. Informed Data rate (MT/s) Recognized Data rate (MT/s) Informed Timings Comment
Samsung 2G PC4-19200 M471A5644EB0-CRC 2400 2400 17-17-17-39
Samsung 4G PC4-19200 M471A5244CB0-CRC 2400 2400 17-17-17-39
Samsung 8G PC4-19200 M471A1K43CB1-CRC 2400 2400 17-17-17-39
Samsung 16G PC4-19200 M471A2K43CB1-CRC 2400 2400 17-17-17-39
Essencore (KLEVV) 4G PC4-19200 IM44GS48N24-FFFHA0 2400 2400 15-15-15-35
SK Hynix 4G PC4-21333 HMA851S6CJR6N-VK 2666 2400 19-19-19-43 @ 1333 Mhz
G.Skill RIPJAWS 4Gx2 PC4-19200 F4-2400C16D-8GRS 2400 2400 16-16-16-39 Confirmed by @Blue_TM
G.Skill RIPJAWS 8Gx2 PC4-19200 F4-2400C16D-16GRS 2400 2400 16-16-16-39 Confirmed by @venkatbo
Crucial 8 PC4-19200 CT8G4SFD824A 2400 2400 17-17-17-?? Confirmed by @n2qcn
Crucial 16Gx2 PC4-19200 CT2K16G4SFD824A 2400 2400 17-17-17-?? Confirmed by @WoHo
Corsair Vengeance 8Gx2 PC4-19200 CMSX16GX4M2A2400C16 2400 2400 16-16-16-39 Confirmed by @venkatbo
Kingston 8Gx2 PC4-19200 KVR24S17S8/8 2400 2400 17-17-17-32 Confirmed by @SirDigi
Kingston (HyperX) 4 PC4-17000 HX421S13IB/4 2133 2133 13-13-13-33 Need to update BIOS
Kingston (HyperX) 4 PC4-19200 HX424S14IB/4 2400 2400 14-14-14-46 Need to update BIOS
Kingston (HyperX) 4Gx2 PC4-19200 HX424S14IBK2/8 2400 2400 14-14-14-46 Need to update BIOS Confirmed by @Trupik

We have noticed that high-speed RAM above DDR4-2400 is not recognized as it intended.
This because Gemini Lake SoC only supports DDR4-1600, DDR4-1866, DDR4-2133, DDR4-2400 SDRAM.
So it isn't needed to purchase/install higher than DDR4-2400.

There are a few incompatible DDR4 SO-DIMM cards especially in dual-channel configuration.

  • KINGSTON HyperX SODIMM DDR4 8GB 2400MT/s HX424S14IB2
  • KINGSTON HyperX SODIMM DDR4 16GB 2400MT/s CL14
  • Crucial SODIMM DDR4 16GB 2400MT/s CL17

It seems that dual-rank memory modules on dual-channel slots are not supported by Gemini Lake processor.
It seems that CL14 or CL13 timing is an root cause. We will confirm the issue once we obtain some samples in late December.
Faster than CL15 RAM doesn't work stably. You have to update the BIOS first to override the speed.
BIOS Firmware v1.03 : forum link

One forum user@DaleChatham reported Veteke Performance RAM 8GB DDR4 2400MHZ PC4-19200 CL17 260-PIN SODIMM is not compatible with H2 even with BIOS v1.03.

According to the socket datasheet, the number of mating cycles is 25 only.
It seems to be a JEDEC standard. So do not install/uninstall your memory cards frequently.