Memory compatible with the ODROID H3/H3+

We've been using the following memory modules with ODROID-H3 and H3+ in the development process.
The DDR4 interface speed is limited at 2933MT/s(PC4-24300) and any higher speed DRAM (i.e. PC4-25600/3200Mhz) modules will work in PC4-24300 speed.
We will keep updating the list when we have more data from users.

Note that the Jasper Lake SoC actual maximum memory address space is 64GB while Intel says it is 16GB which is an inaccurate information.
Therefore, you can install up to two 32GB DDR4 SO-DIMM modules to play with a very large DRAM space for your application.

Brand Name Size PC4 Category Model Informed Speed (MT/s) Recognized Speed (MT/s) Latency Tested by
Samsung 2x4G (8GiB) PC4-25600 M471A5244EB0-CWE 3200 2933 22-22-22-52 Hardkernel
Samsung 2x4G (8GiB) PC4-21300 M471A5244CB0-CTD 2666 2666 19-19-19-43 Hardkernel
Samsung 2x4G (8GiB) PC4-19200 M471A5244CB0-CRC 2400 2400 17-17-17-39 Hardkernel
Samsung 2x8G (16GiB) PC4-25600 M471A1K43EB1-CWE 3200 2933 22-22-22-52 Hardkernel
Samsung 2x8G (16GiB) PC4-21300 M47A1K43CB1-CTD 2666 2666 19-19-19-43 Hardkernel
Samsung 2x16G (32GiB) PC4-25600 M471A2K43EB1-CWE 3200 2933 22-22-22-52 Hardkernel
Samsung 2x16G (32GiB) PC4-21300 M471A2K43CB1-CTD 2666 2666 19-19-19-43 Hardkernel
Samsung 2x32G (64GiB) PC4-25600 M471A4G43AB1-CWE 3200 2933 22-22-22-52 Hardkernel
Kingstone HyperX 2x8G (16GiB) PC4-19200 HX424S14IB2K2/16 2400 2400 14-14-14-29 Hardkernel
G.Skill Ripjaws 2x32G (64GiB) PC4-25600 F4-3200C22D-64GRS 3200 2933 22-22-22-52 Hardkernel
Crucial 2x16G (32GiB) PC4-19200 CT16G4S24AM.16FB1 2400 2400 17-17-17-39 Hardkernel
Corsair Vengeance 2x32G (64GiB) PC4-24300 CMSX64GX4M2A2933C19 2933 2933 19-19-19-47 Hardkernel

- KF432S20IB/32 (Kingston Fury 2x32GB 3200) is not compatible with H3 series. It shows a serious stability problem.
Reported by a forum user @martin00 https://forum.odroid.com/viewtopic.php?p=357711#p357711

BIOS version 1.09 or higher one solved the issue.

According to the socket datasheet, the number of mating cycles is 25 only.
It seems to be a JEDEC standard. So do not install/uninstall your SO-DIMM memory cards frequently.

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