Please check the versions of Linux kernel and Petitboot before setting ODROID-Vu8M, update firmware blobs if required.


Version of Petitboot must be v20220424 or later.

Linux kernel version

$ dpkg -s linux-image-4.19.219-odroid-arm64 | grep -i version
Version: 4.19.219-202204111511~focal


First, Add panel value to notice to bootloader or petitboot.

  • On the Linux / Android
fw_setenv panel display_vu8m
  • On the U-BOOT
setenv panel display_vu8m

And, It is necessary to add display_vu8m to the line starts with overlays= in config.ini to enable DSI port. The change will affect after rebooting.


$ vi /boot/config.ini 
overlays="i2c0 i2c1 display_vu8m"


$ vi /fat/config.ini
overlays="i2c0 uart0 spi0 display_vu8m"

Gnome Desktop

Open Settings → Displays, and change select the display orientation at Orientation.

Gnome login screen

In order to change the orientation of log in screen of Gnome Desktop, it's required to copy the monitor setup as well.

sudo cp ~/.config/monitors.xml /var/lib/gdm3/.config/
sudo reboot
Change the VU8M orientation in Android

The default oriention is portrait mode, you can change orientation to landscape.

$ adb remount
# busybox vi /fat/config.ini
overlays="i2c0 uart0 spi0 display_vu8m"

# busybox vi /vendor/default.prop

You can use the ODROID-Vu8M for Dual display in the Android.

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