LOT PCB Revision Description
2310 rev1.0 20230906 The first mass production




 M1 Board Layout

1 Rockchip RK3566 CPU 10 1 x MIPI DSI 4Lane
2 LPDDR4 RAM 11 1 x M.2 LED Indicator
3 1 x 64GB eMMC embedded 12 1 x Micro SD Slot
4 1 x Ethernet Transformer 13 1 x Micro USB2.0 OTG
5 1 x RJ45 Ethernet Port (10/100/1000) 14 40 x GPIO Pins Optional
6 1 x USB Type C Power Connector 15 14 x GPIO Pins Optional
7 1 x USB 2.0 16 1 x RTC Backup Battery Connector
8 1 x HDMI 2.0 17 1 x UART for System Console
9 1 x USB 3.0 18 1 x M.2. M-KEY PCIe2.1 1Lane
Form Factor Board Dimensions: 90mm x 65mm x 16mm
Weight: 52g including heatsink
Processor Rockchip RK3566 Processor
L1 instruction cache: 32 KB, 4-way set associative (128 sets), 64 byte lines, shared by 1 processor
L1 data cache: 32 KB, 4-way set associative (128 sets), 64 byte lines, shared by 1 processor
L3 data cache: 512KB , 16-way set associative (512 sets), 64 byte lines, shared by 4 processors

Quad-Core Cortex-A55 (1.8GHz)
ARMv8-A architecture with Neon and Crypto extensions
Mali-G52 GPU 1-core with 2 x Execution Engines (800Mhz)
NPU 0.8 TOPS@INT8, Integrated AI accelerator RKNN NPU
Supports one-click switching of Caffe/TensorFlow/TFLite/ONNX/PyTorch/Keras/Darknet
Memory LPDDR4 4 or 8GiB with 32-bit bus width, Data rate: 2112 MT/s, up to 1,055MHz
Storage 1 x 64GB eMMC embedded (soldered to the PCB)
1 x Micro SD slot (UHS-I SDR104, Boot priority is always higher than eMMC)
1 x NVME M.2 SSD (PCIe 2.1 x 1 lane)
Networking 1 x GbE LAN ports (RJ45, supports 10/100/1000 Mbps)
- Realtek RTL8211F Ethernet transceiver
- LED indicators
* Green LED: Flashing by data traffics at 100Mbps connection
* Amber LED: Flashing by data traffics at 1000Mbps connection
Video 1 x HDMI 2.0 (up to 4K@60Hz with HDR, EDID)
1 x MIPI DSI Interface (30pin connector which is different from 31pin of the original ODROID-M1)
External I/O 1 x USB 2.0 host port
1 x USB 3.0 host port
1 x USB 2.0 micro OTG port
1 x Debug serial console (UART)
1 x 40 pin GPIO and 1 x 14 pin GPIO
Other features RTC backup battery connector (to keep time and date for several months without main power input)
System LED Indicators:
- Red (POWER) – Solid light when DC power is connected
- Blue (ALIVE) – Flashing like heartbeat while Kernel is running. Solid On in the u-boot stage.
Power 1 x USB Type C for Power only
DC input : 4.9V ~ 5.3V
- USB Type C 5V/3A power adapter is recommended
- IDLE : ≃ 1.1W
- CPU Stress : ≃ 3.52W (Performance governor)
- Power Off : ≃ 0W
We recommend powering the ODROID-M1S with a bundle Type C 5V/3A power adapter.

The M1S case consists of an upper case and a lower case. When both the upper and lower cases are assembled, the board inside is well secured.
However, if you remove only the upper case and connect an add-on accessory, the board will move and you will need to use two screws to secure the board to the lower case.

Flat Wafer Head Screw two M2 bolts with a length(L) of 4mm are required to secure.
It is readily available in your local bolt market of the specification.

low Flat Wafer Head Screw Bolt M2

Screw the board down on ODROID-M1S case as shown in the figure below.

Be warry of the amount of force applied while screwing down the board. The main idea is to secure the board inside the case, not overtighten them

You can install a standard 2280 size NVMe SSD.
PCIe 2.1 x 1 Lane

Expansion Connector Description

What we heard from many B2B and B2C customers is that they often didn't use the actual GPIO functionality.
Therefore, to lower production costs and product price, we decided to make GPIO header pin installation an option.
If you choose the option to install 40-pin and 14-pin GPIO headers, $3 will be added to the price. An IO-labels board for easier DIY tinkering will also be provided.

|Pin 4 - GND|
|Pin 3 - RXD|
|Pin 2 - TXD|
|Pin 1 - VCC|


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