'ODROID-N2' on this page refers to the ODROID-N2 series (N2, N2+, N2L).

ODROID-N2 with mini DC UPS

This wiki page has almost the same as ODROID-HC2 with mini DC UPS. but using ODROID-N2 with another mini DC UPS.
Some pictures and writing come from the above wiki.

1. 12V2A 22.2W UPS Uninterrupted Power Supply. You can use any other 12Volt DC UPS if its output is 2Amp or higher.

 Let's calculate how many hours the battery can endure supplying to the ODROID-N2.
 Assume that ODROID-N2 is running while eating 200mA current.
 The battery has its specification output 12V and 22.2wH(watt-hour).
 22.2wH / (12V x 200mA) = 9.25 Hours (In principle, but there is lots of environment out there to get decreased it in the real world)

3. USB IO Board
4. 10K axial resistor
5. 10K Potentiometer
6. Some wires

There was damaged the part of Power ON/OFF switch on the UPS when I disassembling it.(My fault 8-O)

Checked the battery voltage when the battery is fully charged was 11.58V.
At the same time, the output voltage on the connector was 12.22V.
I guess there is a boost IC placed between the battery and the output connector to make sure over 12V output when it is working.

Soldering a wire at the same pad as the battery on the PCB together to check how level remains in the battery.

USB IO Board can choose either 3.3v(default) or 5v supply by the position of R1. It also becomes ADC reference voltage.
Check it out USB IO Board
I have decided to use 5V ADC reference voltage. It has better get resolution than 3.3V and gets easy calculating.
so, I soldered the R1 resistor to VBUS 5V from 3V3 on the PCB.

Using two resistors 10KOhm(R1) and 7.143KOhm(R2), We can be divided 5V and 7V from 12V in principle.

12V x ( R2 / (R1 + R2) ) = 5V
If R1 is 10,000 Ohm, R2 is about 7,143 Ohm.

However, there is not 7,143 Ohm out there, so I am using a 10K potentiometer
Now I've measured when I got the divided 5V, my R1 is 9.98 KOhm and R2 is 7.04 KOhm that means the battery of mini DC UPS is a few under 12V when I charged fully.
I manipulated to increase the R2 value a little more to get ADC value full 10bit value 1024.

Fritzing download minidcups_usbio_n2.fzz

Build software as following the below instruction on ODROID-N2.

$ sudo apt-get install libusb-1.0-0-dev
$ git clone https://github.com/hardkernel/Odroid-USBIO
$ cd Odroid-USBIO/usbio/linux
$ make
$ sudo ./usbio
a. Toggle LED
b. AN0/POT Value
c. Button status
d. Get Register
e. Set Register
f. Get Register Bit
g. Set Register Bit
q. Exit
msb = 512, lsb = 189
potentiometerValue = 701

I've set the maximum ADC value is 1023(10 bits all high) by manipulating R2 when mini DC UPS is charged fully.
We have to know the minimum ADC value to see remaining battery level.
I've acquired the minimum ADC value 701(About 3.42 volt) by giving some load like stress app to the system until ODROID-N2 turned off supplied power using mini DC UPS only.

This script helps me to get minimum ADC value.

root@odroid:~/usbio/Odroid-USBIO/usbio/linux# cat -n batCheck.sh 
      1 #!/bin/bash
      2 sleepSec=2
      3 for i in {1..100000}
      4 do
      5 ./usbio << endl >> ./adcValue.log
      6 b
      7 q
      8 endl
      9 # elapsedTime=`expr ${i} \* ${sleepSec}`
     10 echo -n "${i} : "
     11 /usr/bin/rdate time.bora.net # Need network connecting
     12 sleep ${sleepSec}
     13 # echo "`date +%Y/%m/%d-%H:%M:%S` : ${i}"
     14 done
root@odroid:~/usbio/Odroid-USBIO/usbio/linux# nohup ./batCheck.sh &

I've got the minimum ADC value 701.
And the extra that how many hours the full charged UPS can supply to the ODROID-N2 without power input is about over 7 hours. (It was running the batcheck.sh script only)

root@odroid:~/Odroid-USBIO/usbio/linux# grep -rn "potentiometerValue" adcValue.log | awk -F"=" '{print $2}' | sort -nr | tail
root@odroid:~/Odroid-USBIO/usbio/linux# head -n 1 nohup.out
1 : Wed Mar 20 13:33:24 KST 2019
root@odroid:~/Odroid-USBIO/usbio/linux# tail -n 2 nohup.out
12403 : Wed Mar 20 20:52:40 KST 2019

Now, We figured out the maximum and the minimum ADC value. Therefore, we can calculate the remaining battery level.

Remaining battery level(%) =
(ADC value - minimum ADC value) x 100 / (1023 - minimum ADC value)

And I want to show you that before arriving the minimum ADC value, it is going to shut down ODROID-N2 safely.
This is an example shell script how to make an application with it.
As I said before, My minimumADC value is 701 by experimentation, so I set the minimumADC value is 800 by a wide margin in this script.
If remaining battery level of mini DC UPS is lower than 10 percent as I set ${minRemainBat} in the script, it is going to invoke shutdown procedure.

     1	#!/bin/bash
     3	logFile=/var/log/batADC.log
     4	minimumADC=800
     5	minRemainBat=10 # 10% percent
     7	while true
     8	do
    10	./usbio << endl >> ${logFile}
    11	b
    12	q
    13	endl
    15	if [ -f ${logFile} ];
    16	then
    17		ADCValue=`cat /var/log/batADC.log | grep "potentiometerValue" | awk -F" " '{print $3}' | tail -1`
    19		if [ ${ADCValue} -gt 0 ];
    20	 	then
    22			# remainBat=`expr \( \( ${ADCValue} - ${minimumADC} \) / \( 1023 - ${minimumADC} \) \) '*' 100`
    23			remainBat=`expr \( ${ADCValue} - ${minimumADC} \) '*' 100 / \( 1023 - ${minimumADC} \)`
    25			echo "ADC value : ${ADCValue}"
    26			echo "Minimum ADC value$ : ${minimumADC}"
    27			echo "Remaining Battery level : ${remainBat}%"
    29			if [ ${remainBat} -lt ${minRemainBat} ];
    30			then
    31				echo "Shut down system now"
    32				sleep 1
    33				/sbin/poweroff
    34			else
    35				echo "Delete batteryADC log"
    36				rm -f ${logFile}
    37				sleep 1
    38			fi
    39	 	fi
    40	fi
    41	sleep 60
    43	done
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