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Software Release for Petitboot

SPI update image

The SPI update image is intended to update SPI memory with given firmware image and it is build to boot from SD card.

In order to flash the downloaded update image, you can use dd, Echer or any flashing tool for your convience.

$ dd if=spiupdate_odroidn2_20190408+85.img of=<your/micro/sd/card> conv=fsync

SPI firmware image

SPI firmware image is the image file in 8MB that is flashed into onboard SPI memory. This file can be recognized by U-boot of SPI memory and start to flash when the file is detected. The new SPI firmware image must be copied into the first partition of the SD card, not eMMC, eMMC may not help to update your SPI memory.

In order to update SPI flash memory with this firmware image, for example, if you have an SD card with Ubuntu image from Hardkernel, then the name of the first partition is BOOT.

Once the file is been copied, insert your SD card and reboot your ODROID-N2.