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Software Release for Petitboot

This page introduces you the update of Petitboot for ODROID-N2 and provides you an instruction on how SPI flash memory can be updated with a new version of Petitboot.

Petitboot (dev.20190417)

Petitboot (dev.20190408)

Please unplug the power supply before proceeding to update SPI flash memory with update image in SD card. Otherwise, the update image would not be recognized and updating procedure would not start.

Recovery mode

The recovery mode is a useful method when Petitboot in SPI memory is corrupted or you are not sure what is in the SPI memory. This image is a complete firmware that can boot by itself and proceeding to flash SPI flash memory as soon as ODROID-N2 is booted.

The recovery image can be flashed with well-known flashing tools, Etcher and dd. For example, if you can use dd:

$ dd if=spiupdate_odroidn2_20190408+85.img of=<your/micro/sd/card> conv=fsync
Before you proceed updating SPI flash memory, strongly recommend remove eMMC and attach SD card while boot select switch is placed to MMC.

Upgrade mode

This instruction is suggested only when you have Petitboot which can boot from SPI flash memory

The Upgrade mode is to upgrade the contents in the SPI flash memory fully or partially whenever new Petitboot firmware is released. Currently, the SPI flash memory will be fully updated with the released firmware which size is 8MB. The upgrade firmware file must be copied in the file system of the first partition in micro SD card, not eMMC. Then U-boot will recoginize the firmware file and start to update SPI flash memory.

In order to update SPI flash memory with this firmware image, for example, if you have an SD card with Ubuntu image from Hardkernel, then the name of the first partition is BOOT.

Once the file is been copied, insert your SD card and reboot your ODROID-N2.