How to enable the VNC server on Android

  • Operation confirmed with testing in our ODROID XU4 on the Android 4.4.4 (v6.1).
  • To build the VNC server on HC1/2 or MC1, you should have a ODROID-XU4 to install and configure the VNC server apps.
  • After manual configuration, move the boot media from XU4 to your HC1/2 or MC1.
  • You have to edit the boot.ini file to run the Android OS image on the headless ODROID-MC1 and HC1/2.
    setenv disable_dp "true"

You can build the NVC server by following the guide.

  • Target board - ODROID-XU4, MC1 or HC1/2
  • A media to install the android. I assume it as a micro SD Card. Because ODROID-MC1 and HC1/2 can be mounted by it.
  • Client - PC, other board, .. and etc.

Please install the VNC server apps.
We recommend the VNC server APK (com.schumi.vncs). you can download it from the web.

After installing, open the apps and make it the on status.

Set the automatic startup options. The automatic startup option make apps running every boot automatically.

On the vnc client system, install the vnc client programs. We used VNC Viewr from REALVNC.
After installing the VNC viewer, enter the VNC server information that IP address and name, to the vnc viewer.

then, connect to the VNC server!

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