Release Note of Ubuntu Minimal 20.04.1 LTS (v2.0)

Release Date 2020-08-12
Release Type New Image

File name : ubuntu-20.04.1-5.4-minimal-odroid-xu4-20200812.img.xz

If you need a Desktop GUI, you have to download MATE image instead of this minimal image.

XU4 OS image is fully compatible with HC1, HC2, MC1 and XU3.

  • Linux Kernel LTS 5.4.58
  • Ubuntu point release 20.04
  • WiFi Module 5/5A support with monitor mode
  • Kodi 17.6 package for fbdev can be installed with “apt install kodi-fbdev”.
The RootFS Auto-resize feature has changed!!! 
No need for power cycling, resize will happen on background in the first booting process.
  • Tons of issues undocumented. :-x
  • Kodi supports only H.264 video format at this moment. MPEG4/MPEG2 HW decoding is unstable.
  • Some UASP capable USB-to-SATA bridge controllers are not compatible. If your external HDD is not working properly, add its VID/PID in boot.ini Boot arguments to disable the UAS function something like this.
  • usb-storage.quirks=0x0bc2:0x2322:u
Username Password
root odroid
sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade
sudo apt dist-upgrade
sudo reboot
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