How to Enable CEC on XU4

  • Operation confirmed with our Ubuntu Mate/Minimal 18.04.1 on 4.14.87-153 kernel with the latest packages.

Enable CEC feature on your XU4 with this guide.

We strongly recommend to update your system before proceeding.

$ sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade

Install Kodi.

$ sudo apt install kodi-fbdev mali-fbdev

The libcec4 package that is installed by default doesn't work on Ubuntu 18.04 as we tested. So you have to uninstall that and install a new libcec4 that is compatible with Ubuntu 18.04.

The upgradable libcec4 from the registered repositories doesn't work as well.

Therefore it is recommended to build a new libCEC package on your own and install that. That's because the packages do have dependencies on your system.

First of all, remove exist libcec4 package.

$ sudo apt remove libcec4
$ sudo apt install cec-utils

Then build from the source by yourself with this our guide: libCEC Build from Source.

  • If you couldn't get it works, please try to this package: libcec4_4.0.2.1_xenialubuntu1hk1_armhf.deb
    • The package extracted from the given repository by Debian/Ubuntu. We confirmed this is working.
    • Enter the following commands to install.
      $ sudo dpkg -i libcec4_4.0.2.1_xenialubuntu1hk1_armhf.deb

Edit boot.ini to enable CEC feature.

$ sudo vi /media/boot/boot.ini

Find and change the value false to true like the following contents.

# Before - CEC disabled
setenv cecenable "false" # false or true
# After - CEC enabled
setenv cecenable "true" # false or true

Reboot to apply changes.

$ reboot
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