Adding mount holes at the ODROID-HC2 heatsink

This is a guide how to add HDD mount hole at the ODROID-HC2 heatsink.
The major functionality of ODROID-HC2 heatsink is dispersing the heat and lower the temperature.
And another is fixing the HDD to prevent some vibrations are caused damage physically.
The heatsink has 3 mount holes to mount HDD.
And we realized it needs more mounting holes for each depends on HDD after passing the mass production for it.

  • This howto includes using the drill tool to make a hole through the aluminum heatsink. If you are not familiar with it please ask someone who with a lot of experience.

1. Download pdf file and print it with 1:1 scale. hc2_heatsink_holes.zip

I recommend that using the file HC2_HOLES.pdf.
In this paper, the black 4Ø(4mm) circles point the hole on the heatsink. but the white one we are going to do drill for holes.

2. Separate the ODROID-HC2 PCB from the heatsink.

It is hard if you don't have Long Nose Pliers.
Turn the pole by hand at the other side until in horizontal.
Fasten and push. and again until it pushed out.

3. Cut the two shapes of the paper and make a hole via black circles on them.
and then attach them to the heatsink using the glue.

4. Drill the hole through white circles.

Using 4Ø(4mm) Metal Twist steel drill bit

5. Remove the foreign matters on the heatsink to make clean(including a piece of papers).
and combine the ODROID-HC2 PCB with the heatsink.

6. Connect your HDD to the ODROID-HC2 and tighten the bolts.

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