Burn the over-voltage protection IC(TPS259251) on XU4

This guide is based on PCB REV 0.1 20170912.

When you short circuit the 5V and GND pins of the shift shield or expansion connector,
your odroid-xu4's over voltage protection IC can be blown up and there will be no red LED lighting.
the U5 is that. Reference - Schematics Page 3
You can easily solve this problem if you have a basic soldering skill.

  1. Remove the heatsink. Check the protection IC U5 surface. if it is burnt or broken, you can decide and connect the wires as shown below. However, if the PMIC is broken, it doesn't work even if you do this.

  2. Solder a wire from the 5V side of C296 to the 5V side of C36. these are the bypass capacitors of U5.

  3. Remove the old thermal grease from the SOC and the heatsink. and Apply new thermal grease and attach the heatsink to the board.
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