Arduino for ODROID-GO - Colorview

  • Make sure that you've followed the Arduino setup guide.
  • The color you see via LCD of the ODROID-GO is may not the same with real color.
  • To get closer to reality, you should try to calibrate around the sensor to suit your surrounding area with optimized software.

Make sure that you have these products:

Setup the development environment for Arduino on your system.

Please refer to the picture below when you set up your hardware.
We use the parts below:

  • Wired using Dupont wire cable between ODROID-GO(10-pin header, P2) and breadboard.
  • To turn off the LED on the color sensor, you can see the blue wire on the breadboard which connects LED and GND.
  • Refer. ODROID-GO Header(P2) Description ☛ odroid-go_header_p2_description
ODROID-GO Color sensor
PIN 4. I/O15 SDA
PIN 6. 3V3 3V3

Click the Files → Examples → ODROID-GO → Applications → Colorview menu to import and press CTRL-U to compile/upload.

Uploading is complete when the message “Hard resetting via RTS pin…” is seen.

After the upload completes, ODROID-GO reboots automatically.

Place something has a natural color on the color sensor then the background LCD screen is going to change the color alike.
And you can see the data RGB565 format Hex value, Color temperature, Lux, and RGBC Raw value from the color sensor.

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