Arduino for ODROID-GO - IR Receiver

You can receive an IR signal with ODROID-GO.
This example is for our IR remote controller, but you can program with another remote controller the library supports.

Make sure that you have these products:

Set up the development environment for Arduino on your system.

Please refer to the picture below when you set up your hardware.
We use the parts below:

Connect each other directly using the jumper cables.
You can use these pins at the 10 pin header(P2),

  • P2-1: GND
  • P2-4: GP15 (I/O)
  • P2-5: GP4 (I/O)
  • P2-6: 3.3V

Select one between P2-4 and 5 port for transferring a data.

Click the Files → Examples → ODROID-GO → Applications → IR_Receiver menu to import and press CTRL-U to compile/upload.

Uploading is complete when the message “Hard resetting via RTS pin…” is seen.

After the upload completes, ODROID-GO reboots automatically.

You can receive a signal from a remote controller that the IR library supports.
The given example is for our IR remote controller. If a button pushed, the pushed button appears on the ODROID-GO.

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