Hardware tunning for silent the sound volume of ODROID-GO

You can manipulate the lower output volume by modifying input resistors(R1 and R9). Note that resistors size is 1005 in metric.

The following figures show the voltage that we measured TP1 with an oscilloscope for each resistor.
The input waveform is 1kHz sine wave.

R1 and R9 : 100k Ω (Default), TP1 Voltage P-to-P : 1.18V
R1 and R9 : 300k Ω, TP1 Voltage : 940mV
R1 and R9 : 470k Ω, TP1 Voltage : 790mV
R1 and R9 : 1M Ω, TP1 Voltage : 730mV
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