How to check Battery Charging Status

1. Charge LED Faulty

On u-boot stage, charge LED should be turned on as RED color by default.
Please try this process to check charge led faulty.

  • Remove SD Card then power on
  • Board will boot from SPI boot mode
  • You will have “NO SDCARD” image on board display
  • Then, charge led will be on

2. DC Jack Issue

To confirm DC jack is connected well, please check charge led keeps on once kernel booting done.
If the led is off, please make sure to insert the charge cable enough until you feel clicking.

Check Power Source

The ODROID-GO Advance can charge the battery with a 5 volt PSU (Power Supply Unit) only.

If the PSU output voltage is 9V and 5V dual-type something like this QuickCharge stuff, it will not charge the OGA at all since the negotiation protocol doesn't work.
There will be no light from the LEDs on the board if the voltage is higher than 6Volt.

Booting without a battery

It's available to boot only from a DC jack without a battery connected,
and there is no issue for normal operations.

Please note that notification status is different from the case with a battery as following.

  • A charge led keeps on as red on u-boot stage by default.

  • Once kernel booting done, the charge led will be blinking periodically even though there is no battery because a charge driver perceives that the battery level is too low and it's needed to be charged.

  • Battery indicator on right top display is all empty.

3. Battery Issue

Booting without a DC Jack

If battery voltage level is higher than 3.5V, OGA will go booting without a dc-jack connected from power button event.
In this case, leds status is as following after booting done.

Battery indicator

Check battery indicator bar on top right side of display.

  • 3.4V (the lowest value) : Empty
  • 4.2 : Full charged

When you get all empty bars, please keep DC jack connected for over 30 minutes,
then it should be updated.
To make sure, push buttons to refresh display.

Debug message (1)

You can check current battery voltage level from this sysfs node using ssh connection.

$ su
# cat /sys/class/power_supply/battery/voltage_now

Debug message (2)

This setup will show mandatory battery parameters periodically.

# echo 1 > /sys/module/rk817_battery/parameters/dbg_level
# tail -f /var/log/syslog &

To turn off the log, please change dbg_level.

# echo 0 > /sys/module/rk817_battery/parameters/dbg_level

(updated 2020/02/28)
This function will be included on a next official OS image.
So if you need to run charging animation function on your board, please following this instructions.

Please note that you should update BOTH of spi flash and sd card u-boot.
If you only update recovery image without new u-boot of SD card, you will have abnormal booting fail in early boot stage.

How to update

1. Update boot loader of SD Card

Please follow this wiki page to build u-boot and update it on SD Card.

U-Boot source code should be Feb 5, 2020 version or later one.

2. Update SPI Flash image using v1.1 recovery image

Then, update spi flash image using recovery v1.1.

Download this image.

Then follow this wiki page.

Brief description of charging animation scenario on u-boot

  1. Power on
  2. If both of battery and DC-jack are connected, u-boot enters charging animation logic.
  3. You will have repeated animation display of battery bars for 10 seconds.
  4. Then, backlight will be off and display stops, but charging keeps on.
  5. By short click of power button, display and backlight is on and animation is shown.
  6. By long click of power button (1~2 seconds), charging logic exits and u-boot proceeds to kernel boot.