ODROID Factory Test Mode for ODROID-GO Advance and ODROID-GO Super

When you turn on board power while holding down the Trigger Left 1 and Trigger Right 1 buttons at the same time, you can enter ODROID Auto Test mode.

You will perform the following test modes in sequence.

  1. Battery & Charging Test
  2. Buttons Test
  3. LCD Test
  4. Backlight Test
  5. Analog Joysticks Test
  6. Audio Test

To exit the currently running test mode and go to a next test mode, please use the following Test Exit Key Combination.

  • OGA / OGA-BE : F1 + F6
  • OGS : F3 + F6 (Most left and Most right gray buttons)

And using long-press PWR KEY, you can power off the system.

The followings will be updated periodically on LCD display until you exit test mode using Test Exit Key Combinations.

Battery Connection

When BATTERY of OGA/OGS is connected normally,

  • BATTERY : Connected

or NOT,

  • BATTERY : Disconnected

DC Jack / USB-C type Power Jack Connection

When DC Jack or USB-C type Power Jack is connected & charging power is supplied,

  • DC JACK : Connected

or no connection,

  • DC JACK : Disconnected

Charging Online

If charging is currently in progress,


or not,

  • CHARGING STATE : Offline

Battery Voltage

This shows battery voltage value in mV unit.

  • e.g) BATTERY VOLTAGE : 4100 (mV)

Charging Current

This shows charging current value in mA unit.
If DC Jack is connected & charging is in progress, it's expressed as a POSITIVE value.

  • e.g) CHARGING CURRENT : 700 (mA)

Or, if charging is not in progress, a NEGATIVE value (system current consumption) will be shows,
and it's normal operation.

  • e.g) CHARGING CURRENT : -420 (mA)

When you enter this test mode, all buttons layout are shown in RED color.
The button on LCD will be display in BLUE during you press a button, and then it will be changed to GREEN color.

LCD color will be changed when you press any button.

Backlight level is changed when you press any button.

  • 10% → 30% → 80% → 100%

For the accuracy of analog joysticks test, calibration is run first.

By pressing a button, calibration will start in 2 seconds.
Please be careful NOT to control analog joysticks during calibration.

Calibration Done!.
Press any button to start Analog joysticks test.

When you enter this test mode, all joysticks are shown in RED color.
You can find center values of each X/Y from calibration
and the offset of real-time ADC values.

  • OGS layout

  • OGA / OGA-BE layout

The button on LCD will be display in BLUE if the adc level of a target joystick is within valid range,
and then it will be changed to GREEN color.
e.g) push a 2nd Joystick to the right side

When a headphone is connected,

  • HEADPHONE : Connected
  • Test beep sound is played through the HEADPHONE path of your board.

Or without a headphone,

  • HEADPHONE : Disconnected
  • Test beep sound is played through the SPEAKER path of your board.

When you press a button (except F1 ~ F6 buttons), a short beep sound is played.

  • Audio Playing : Running
  • Audio Playing : Stopped

If HEADPHONE is connected, test sound is played through the headphone.
Or not, you can hear test beep through the SPEAKER on board.

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