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How to run overclock on OGA/OGS

Officially, we recommend to use 1.296GHz of max CPU frequency to operate OGA/OGS system stably.
For users who want to boost system performance by setting CPU clock higher even at the risk, we provide an interface to set max CPU frequency flexibly.

The Kernel version must be 4.4.189-42 or higher.

odroid@goadvance:~$ uname -a
Linux goadvance 4.4.189-42 #1 SMP Thu Mar 25 15:00:07 UTC 2021 aarch64 aarch64 aarch64 GNU/Linux

The base logic of overclock comes from the following github of RRVL kernel.
The overclock scheme became possible thanks to the forum user, valadaa48 and RRVL guides.

Please refer to related history and further discussions here in this forum thread.

The Available List of CPU Frequency

frequency notation on boot.ini
1.512 GHz “1512”
1.488 GHz “1488”
1.464 GHz “1464”
1.440 GHz “1440”
1.416 GHz “1416”
1.368 GHz “1368”
1.296 GHz “1296”
1.200 GHz “1200”
1.008 GHz “1008”
600 MHz “600”
408 MHz “408”

Adjust CPU Max Frequency by modifying boot.ini

You can assign max cpu frequency using max_cpufreq in boot.ini.
Default max cpu frequency is set as 1.296GHz if there is no option with max_cpufreq in boot.ini.

example 1 - 1.416 GHz

# Boot Arguments
setenv bootargs "root=UUID='e139ce78-9841-40fe-8823-96a304a09859' rootwait rw net.ifnames=0 fbcon=rotate:3 console=/dev/ttyFIQ0 quiet splash plymouth.ignore-serial-consoles consoleblank=0"

setenv bootargs ${bootargs} max_cpufreq=1416
root@goadvance:~# cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpufreq/policy0/scaling_available_frequencies 
408000 600000 1008000 1200000 1296000 1368000 1416000