These instructions are supported on offitial image Jan 29, 2020, or higher. https://dn.odroid.com/RK3326/ODROID-GO-Advance/Ubuntu/

Compatible WiFi dongles are sold separately.
WiFi module 0
WiFi module 3
WiFi module 5A

Press the “A” button on the configuration and then select the WiFi menu.

To add a new WiFi connection press the “Right Trigger” button and then press the “A” button on the “+” menu.
And then, select the SSID you want to connect. You have to use the same AP as your HOST-PC.

Enter the password with a virtual keypad. A few seconds later, you can see the SSID if the connection is okay.

Select the “NETWORK INFO” menu in the “CONFIGURATION”.
You are going to need the IP address when you use SAMBA on your HOST-PC.

You can deactivate or activate the connections whenever you want.
The “right triangle arrow” means activated connection. Select the activated SSID and then, you can deactivate or delete the connection.
If you deactivate the connection, you can reactivate the connection without inputting a password later.

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