How to Assemble ODROID-GO-ADVANCE kit

A USB Type-A Power Cable J D-PAD rubber
B Front enclosure K A, B, X, Y button rubber
C Back enclosure L battery sticker
D Plastic L/R trigger, X, Y, power Buttons M Analog joystick
E Plastic D-pad, A, B Buttons N 320×480 TFT LCD
F ODROID-GO-Advance board O 0.5W speaker
G 3000mAh battery P 1.7×5 screws 7pcs
H LCD window Q 1.7×8 screws 4pcs
I I ~ VI button rubber R Screw driver

GO-ADVANCE Tutorial video

This section shows you how to build the ODROID-GO-Advance. Please carefully follow the instructions below.