How to Assemble ODROID-GO-ADVANCE kit

A USB Type-A Power Cable J D-PAD rubber
B Front enclosure K A, B, X, Y button rubber
C Back enclosure L battery sticker
D Plastic L/R trigger, X, Y, power Buttons M Analog joystick
E Plastic D-pad, A, B Buttons N 320×480 TFT LCD
F ODROID-GO-Advance board O 0.5W speaker
G 3000mAh battery P 1.7×5 screws 7pcs
H LCD window Q 1.7×8 screws 4pcs
I I ~ VI button rubber R Screw driver

GO-ADVANCE Tutorial video

This section shows you how to build the ODROID-GO-Advance. Please carefully follow the instructions below.


Trimming the button parts to reduce the frictions.

Before After

Very caution! Never raise the connector more than 90 degrees. Otherwise, it will break.

If you turn the screws too much, the head of screws could be broken.