Here are the minimum requirement of the operating system.

  • Ubuntu Minimal EmulationStation: At least 4 GB is recommended.

To insert a memory card into your computer, you need a memory card reader to work with that.

You can purchase OS preinstalled microSD cards from

When you choose a memory card, please keep in mind that you should check the product name carefully to choose a proper memory card for your board.

Download OS image

For OGA-BE, please use Ubuntu 20.04 ES Image.

If you want to use Ubuntu 19.04 ES Image, please follow this setup instruction.

Ubuntu 18.04 ES Image doesn't support OGA-BE functionality.

Release versions Downloads Release-notes Description
v1.3 Ubuntu 18.04 ES image : KR US release-notes
v1.2 Ubuntu 20.04 ES image : KR US release-notes Add support for OGA Rev1.1
v1.1 Ubuntu 19.10 ES image : KR US release-notes
v1.0 Ubuntu 18.04 ES image : KR US release-notes The First Release


Download Etcher

You can easily flash an image to your memory card using Etcher.

Download Etcher here:

Flash the image

  1. Open Etcher.
  2. Select the downloaded OS image.
  3. Select the inserted memory card. (Normally, the memory card is detected automatically.)
  4. Click Flash!

Partition Layout of SD Card

partition start size note
sector bytes sector bytes
mbr 0 0 1 512 bytes -
idbloader (+ reserved) 64 32 kB 8191 4 MB - 512 byte idbloader.img
uboot 16384 8 MB 8192 4 MB uboot.img
trust 24576 12 MB 8192 4 MB trust.img
BOOT (vfat) 32768 16 MB 229376 112 MB /dev/mmcblk1p1
rootf (ext4) 262144 128 MB - - /dev/mmcblk1p2